Saved searches and alerts

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Alerts are created by "Save the search" link, which appears on the search result page for any logged in user. Modifying alerts is not possible, to modify, just delete the alert and create a new one.

An email will be sent to the user based on the desired frequency to receive these updates (daily, weekly, or monthly).

My profile

The "My profile" link will display a page with three links: "Change password", "My observations", "My alerts".

My observations

Clicking on the "My observations" link will take the user to the list of observations he/she submitted.

My alerts

Clicking the "My alerts" link will take the user to the list of saved searches and email alerts, defined for the user. To immediately view the current results that an alert would return, click on the alert link, which will present the search results page. If any alert is no longer needed, then clicking on the "Delete" button will remove this alert.